The MR Physics and Instrumentation Group (MRPIGs) works to develop instrumentation to bring new levels of disease and biology under the lens of non-invasive human imaging.  Although most academic work in MRI focuses on acquisition and reconstruction software, hardware and software methodology must advance together to gain maximum benefit in detection sensitivity, speed and the capabilities of the technology.

Therefore our goal is to bridge these areas by developing new hardware methodology and expanding image acquisition and reconstruction methods to exploit newly generated capabilities.

Some of our major projects include:

  • Ultra High Field neuro-MRI (UHF)

  • Methods for functional brain imaging and connectomics

  • RF coil detector and transmit arrays

  • Parallel imaging acquisition and reconstruction methods for speeding up MRI and motion mitigation

  • Parallel transmit pulse design

  • RF safety for patients with deep brain stimulators

  • Portable MR technology

  • Developing Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) for studying brain function