RF Coil Detector & Transmit Arrays


The Radiofrequency (RF) Lab specializes in developing custom electronic instrumentation for MRI experiments, especially transmit and receive RF coils.  A major goal of the lab is to build and characterize RF receive arrays with improved sensitivity and accelerated imaging performance (“parallel imaging”) that are optimized for the specific anatomy of interest.  The emphasis is on studying the brain and central nervous system (e.g., spine) in humans, but recently the lab has built coils for body imaging as well.  In addition to RF coil design, construction, and testing, the RF Lab builds custom analog and digital circuits for experiments and builds 3D-printed anthropomorphic phantoms.


The links below describe recent projects undertaken in the RF Lab:


64ch Connectome RF receive brain array for 3 Tesla MRI

Integrated RF Tx and Rx coil for accelerated 13C hyperpolarized spectroscopic imaging

Dual-purpose Integrated ΔB0/Rx coil array for improved B0 shimming at 7 Tesla

Design Optimization and Evaluation of a 64-Channel Cardiac Array Coil at 3T

Sub-millimeter cortical imaging at 7T using a high-density motor-cortex 23-channel array coil

A 64 channel 3T array coil for highly accelerated fetal imaging at 22 weeks of pregnancy

A 32ch array coil and sample preparation and support system for 7T whole brain ex vivo MR imaging at 100 μm